Getting Started LO 7.4


If Olivier and/or other team members want to update the Getting Started
Guide to 7.4, someone will need to be its coordinator. I will not be
available to fill the role for that book.


Hi Jean

I'll take over this task, but will glad to handover to another team member and be the Plan B.

I've added the 7.4 covers and a draft master document to the WIP folder.

Spreadsheet updated.


Hello Olivier

Just going through the Draw Guide you uploaded to NextCloud and I am finding errors.

1. Chapter page added after the cover page. This is not required as it is repeating info found on the cover page. Deleted.
2. Copyright page has been added after each chapter page. This is duplicating the copyright page after the front cover and is not required. Deleted.
3. Contents page added after each chapter page. This is not required in the full user guide. Deleted.
4. I have corrected the gaps that appear because figures moving to next page.

New ODT and PDF copies placed in NextCloud

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team