New member Introduction

Hi, my name is Kevin.
I have a degree in Psychology, but I’m more interested in the tech side of things.

I’ve been using libreOffice for many years now, so I’m familiar with the software - but still pretty green.

I’m looking to use this experience to help me become a technical writer.

I look forward to starting.

Hi Kevin

Since you have access to the cloud please have a look at our introductory presentation (just updated it)

I think the best for you is to start with our work in the Getting Started Guide 7.4 and review the chapters there.

Skip Masonsmith ( @Northwoods35 ) is coordinating the revision and update.

All files are in

Some initial steps

Feel free to come back to the forum if you need more help


Welcome Kevin!

I think you’ll find it useful to It will be helpful to read through all of the writers guide chapters as it provides guidance on the whole process. I’m also new-ish here and am happy to share what I’ve learned so far if you have any questions.

Here is the discussion thread for Getting Started 7.4.

Feel free to start working on chapter 4 or any thereafter – just be sure to check them out in the guide status doc, so we know who’s got what. The chapters need to be edited for both for updates in LO and from chapter restructuring (see the above thread). :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Hi Skip where is the folder I click on to get started? You mentioned chapter 4. Sorry I’m a little confused.

Read all of the chapters of the Contributors Guide here.

Then ask any questions you might have about the process.

The working folders for Getting Started are here once you are ready to start editing.