Getting Started LO 7.4

Chapter GS7409-Math is reviewed

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Chapter GS7400-Preface is reviewed

Chapter 0 Published
Chapters 10-15 Ready for Review
Chapter 8 fixed and published

chapter GS7410-FileFormats-Security-Exporting is reviewed

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Chapters GS7412-ConfiguringLO, GS7413-CustomizingLO, GS7414-KeyboardShortcuts and GS7415-OpenSource are reviewed

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Chapter GS7411-Macros is reviewed

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Chapters 10-15 published. Book publishing next.

@Northwoods35 Can you fix Chapter 13 Listing 12 before you print it? The layout seems to have been broken again after I fixed it. It will be the end of line characters.

@flywire… There is no Listing 12 in chapter 13 or in the macros chapter 11.

Book is compiled and ready for publishing pending clarification from flywire on fix for listing.

I see now that flywire’s comments applied to the Calc guide and not Getting Started.

Getting Started has now been published to the Current Guides page and is ready for lulu publication (@jeanweber ?)

Thanks to @kees538 for editing this guide!

I’ll do the print edition soon. - Jean

Figure 344 on page 377 is missing.
No, I’m wrong. It’s there, but somehow collapsed to be mostly invisible. Easy to fix.
I can do that for the print edition, but you may wish to correct the PDF etc.

Further edit: There are actually TWO copies of the figure, both collapsed to a single line.


@Northwoods35 I have found more formatting errors:
Page 23, list under “Moving toolbars” starts at 8).
Page 183, the subtitle (Presentations in LibreOffice) should not be in bold.
Page 322, near the top is an incorrect heading x-ref. I think it should point to “Creating formulas” on page 323. (Currently it says, For more information on creating formulas, see “If any documents have not been saved …" on page 21.)
Page 384 has an extra blank line at the top, which is pushing the heading down the page.
Page 428, list at top starts at 6).

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That makes you the perfect reviewer because experienced users tend to read over and miss the detail.

Somewhere (mailing list or Ask) I replied to a query about this [Getting Started] Chapter 8. The example can’t be worked through but I couldn’t find the query. I assume this comment means you found it.

Edit: I’ve worked through the examples again except for Modifying a form, which must have the issue, and Using data sources in LibreOffice. It is a long section with about a dozen points.

Sorry, I saw it was published and clicked on the last v7.4 published guide. Seems not actually published.

Chapter 8 needs a link to the sample database required to do part of the chapter:

  • p276 Step 3 4) select rather than check

  • p276 Step 4 2) checked rather than selected

  • p272 Creating database tables section - Three tables are created but names are given at start rather than the end when they are saved. Table name style should be italic to make it easier to find.

  • p299 Entering data in a form can’t be done without the note at the top of Modifying a form

  • p299 Entering data in a form 1) Database → Form

  • Data in sample database differs from guide, especially in figure 292

Published ODT and PDF have been fixed to your notes. Thanks!

HI All
I have added the new Getting Started Guide 7.4 to the Documentation and the Bookshelf websites.


@ohallot @Northwoods35 Print edition is available here:

I have updated the webstites with the Lulul lnk.

A blog post on the release is here:

Thanks to all!



I have downloaded the corrected odt files and noticed:

  • 09 (Macros) includes a deleted comment;
  • some of the chapters still have change tracking enabled.

Who could clean the odt files, so l10n can start?

Also, is there a odm file to make a full guide? The one in the Archive does not have any links defined.

Lp, m.