Motion Concerning Budget 2024

Motion Concerning Budget 2024


The Board will work on the budget 2024 together with MC, team, members, ESC and community


  • The Board needs to approve a budget for 2024 which will also be subject to the audit
  • As of today, a draft based on the December 31, 2023 budget voted by the previous board exists
  • The board commits to a draft of the budget by the end of April
  • The Board needs to gather proposals for expenditure from the Foundation amounting to about €500k in order to satisfy the requirement to spend donated income according to a timely plan.
  • Possible categories might include events, new initiatives, tenders selected as likely to be addressed by new applicants.

Proposed Motions

RESOLVED is that the board invites the MC, the team, the members, the ESC and the community to make concrete proposals for items to include in the budget for 2024. These proposals should be submitted to the Executive Director no later than 18 March 2024 for consideration at the Board face-to-face meeting.

It is also RESOLVED that the board currently works under the assumption that the budget draft from [DECISION] - Approve 2023 annual budget and reserves is applied until a different motion has been formed.

It is further RESOLVED that the current Budget draft should be published to the members and the general public as soon as possible, possibly in a slightly redacted form.

All three motions have been approved in the board’s meeting of March 11, 2024 as follows:

Board members:
Eliane Domingos +1
Simon Phipps +1
Eike Rathke +1
Sophie Gautier +1
László Németh +1
Italo Vignoli +1
Bjoern Michaelsen +1

Board deputies:
Paolo Vecchi +1
Osvaldo Gervasi +1
Mike Saunders +1