Budget request: In-person team meeting in Munich in June


Like the last years (Report from in-person team meeting in Munich), the team plans an in-person team meeting in Munich in June to have time to discuss and work on topics dedicatedly, and not just one day after an otherwise demanding conference.

We chose Munich again, which currently cuts down travel costs a lot. However, with an international team, the budget estimate looks as follows:

  • travels: approx 6.500 €
  • hotel: 9 people for 4 nights: approx. 5.940 € (based on what we paid for 2023)
  • meeting room: 290 € (for the full week)

Total budget: 12.730 €

While there is a budget (Motion Concerning Budget 2024 and Budget 2024 draft) for ongoing costs and fees that has less than 10% used, we’d like to request a dedicated budget for this as in the previous year.

To have a bit of reserve, I’d like to request 15.000 € for this, so people can start to book their travels.


As a random community person I have a suggestion; there is unarguably value in doing some (suitable, and perhaps optional) team building event. I’d would strongly recommend adding Eur 1k to the budget for - something like: Team Event München | teamgeist.com. It is not entirely clear to me why eg. building rafts together and/or pushing each other around in wheel-barrows is good for team cohesion - but it undoubtedly is :slight_smile: Every team I’ve built has significantly benefited from this, and we shouldn’t apply a scarcity mentality around getting the best result for TDF.

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Hi Michael, thanks for this indeed! Having some team building/socializing activity at a venue that is different from the actual meeting makes a lot of sense - especially as the team meeting is the one unique meeting per year where people gather and are not in the stressful environment of another conference. :wink:

Having heard no further questions, let me turn this into a vote straight away.