Getting Started LO 7.4

Now that I’ve largely wrapped Calc 7.4, I’d be happy to take this on.

I’ve copied the 7.3 ODT files over to 7.4, but I’m missing the instructions on how to migrate content to the new 7.4 template? There must be more to it than this? Perhaps with Template Changer?

Thanks for any insights or help on this template migration process.

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Don’t forget content in Future book suggestions.

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Can anyone help me understand the process to update existing docs to the new 7.4 template? Thanks for any guidance.

Hi Skip.
Use the template changer you pointed.

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Templates updated (@flywire not sure if applying 7.4 template changed anything you’ve done to chapter 13).
Checked out chapters 1-3…

Thanks for the heads-up. The issues with the current template proposal you applied are discussed in LO Chapter Template 7-4 but the content changes are unaffected.

The main issue is it includes irrelevant code character styles (Code * and OOoComputerCode) which would lead to different styles being used for what should be the same style if they were used. Also, it is important to use the current release of Code Highlighter 2 not that development release because it really stuffs up code character styling requiring manual fixes.

All chapters have been restructured in basic form (cut and paste between chapters with only with updates to title chapter numbers and file names).
The restructure plan has been placed in the 7.4 folder and the Guide Status updated to reflect the new structure.
Now on to the actual editing. :slight_smile:

Chapter 1 finally ready for review. Fairly extensive rewrite of the previous Introduction chapter. Structure changes as noted in the Restructure Plan doc in the 7.4 folder plus reordering for clarity.

One of the goals for this version was to expand on printing on Macs – can someone with a Mac take a look at this chapter and see what makes sense to add?

Chapters 1-7 are ready for review
Renamed chapter 4 to Working with Styles, Templates and Hyperlinks as it’s more descriptive than HTML for what is covered. I’ll have to update chapters 1-3 for the name change before finalizing everything. I’ve also updated the Restructure Plan to reflect this.

Chapter GS7401-LOBasics is reviewed

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Chapter GS7402-Writer is reviewed

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Chapter GS7403-Calc, chapter GS7404-StylesTemplatesHyperlinks and GS7405-ImagesAndGraphics are reviewed

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Chapters 1-5 Published (Thanks @kees538 for reviews!)
Chapter 8 Ready for review

Chapters GS7406-Impress and GS7407-Draw are reviewed

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Chapter 9 Ready for Review

Chapter GS7408-Base is reviewed.
Because I have no affinity and little knowledge of Base, the review is mainly textual.
If you think a second review is necessary, that’s fine with me.

I think you should review in in the context of …\Future Book Suggestions\GS7x08-GettingStartedWithBase_FW_JHW_ForFutureBook.odt

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Chapter GS7409-Math is reviewed

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Chapter GS7400-Preface is reviewed

Chapter 0 Published
Chapters 10-15 Ready for Review
Chapter 8 fixed and published