Calc Guide 7.4 Updates

HI Jean
Not at all. just put a note on the ODT file. I’ll remove it on building the final ODT and PDF

So you mean I should make changes (minor corrections) to the individual chapter files?

Another thing:there are a lot of unfortunate page breaks in this book. They are easy to fix, if it’s okay for us to use the “keep with next paragraph” option on a few paragraphs to move them to the next page.

Where should I put the corrected chapter files? Should I replace the ones that are there and rename the originals to “OLD” or move them to WiP or Archove, or what?

EDIT: I have checked the formatting and made changes to the ODM and the chapter files. (Chapters 3,4,5,6 did not need changes.) I have made a folder under “Published” for “A-Jean’s Corrections” (which should show at the top of the list) and put the files there.
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Thanks @jeanweber for picking this up while I was away on holiday. It looks like everything is set for @ohallot to publish tomorrow? Let me know if there’s anything else to be done for this iteration.

Thanks again.


Two chapters (I forget which ones, and I’m not at my computer to look it up) have a problem that I did not know how to fix, but I’m sure Olivier knows how. I left comments in the files. Sorry, I should have explicitly mentioned this in my earlier note.


Apologies for the delay, I was busy with a LibreOffice event (1) and I’m recovering.

I’ll have a look this week. Blog post already drafted.

(1) | LibreOffice Conference América Latina

Since this document is using a template can we get the following character styles fixed up in CG7412-CalcMacros.odt? I thought a master template would remove all the non-standard styles. I’m happy to do it but I’m not sure which version to change:

Hi @jeanweber , Hi @flywire , all

Committed changes after @jeanweber review:



  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • One extra empty paragraph after TOC. Fixed
  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Comments from JHW, pg 21, letter a): “Numbering 2 paragraph style (or perhaps the Numbering 2 list style) has incorrect indentation of the lines after the first line. This needs to be fixed in the template style definitions.”
  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • One extra empty paragraph after TOC. Fixed
  • Accepted JHW suggestions
  • Removed unused “Code Ident”, “Code keyword”, “Code Literal”, + all _OOo* character styles from chapter, as suggested by @flywire .


  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Accepted JHW suggestions, except suggestion for deletion.


  • Accepted JHW suggestions


  • Accepted JHW suggestions

I have replaced the files in the published folder.

I miss a clear defintion on the contents of the footer in the Default page style.
Even pages : ?
Odd pages: ?

Seems that each guide has its own setting… :wink:


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Now that the main publication is done, I think there are a few additional tasks:

  1. Create Chapter PDFs. Assuming these instructions are still correct I can do that.
  2. Produce the Lulu version of the book. I was looking at a Windows version of this process but it looks like I can’t specify anything other than a standard size like A5 and not 6x9. Can someone do this on Mac or let me know if there’s a way to do this in Windows?
  3. Update the Publications page. Not sure how this happens?
  4. Work on Rev 1. I’ve created a 7.4 Rev 1 folder in Calc 7.4 to handle the updates for:
  • Chapter 1 - Extend info on View > Hidden Row/Column Indicator feature
  • Chapter 3 - Add Sparklines feature

I’ll draft these in the next week.

Anything else?


  1. The PDF instructions are correct, except “Export bookmarks” is now “Export outlines”.

  2. Regarding the Lulu version of the book: until and unless other arrangements are made for publishing on Lulu or elsewhere, I am the person who does the publishing step (because I own the Lulu account being used now). So I might as well do the whole process, including making a 6x9 PDF and a wrap-around cover.

  3. If you are familiar with wiki markdown, you can log in to the wiki using your SSO credentials and do it yourself: create a column for the new book & chapters and upload the files. It’s fiddly and sometimes confusing, but not particularly difficult. If you prefer, I can do this step.


Chapter PDFs published and Publications page updated.

But didn’t inherit Code character style.

Chapters 0, 1, and 3 have been updated in the 7.4 Rev 1 folder to:

  • Add Sparklines section to chapter 3 and reference in chapter 0
  • Add hide columns and rows section to chapter 1
    Chapters 0 & 1 are final, ready for review if needed

Chapter 3 finalization is waiting on 3 bugs I’ve logged to see if/when they will be resolved.

I’ve added CG7412-CalcMacros_R1_FW_07Sep2022.odt.

Why doesn’t Listing 2 carry over to the next page?

I also note the template LO Chapter Template 7.4 is the one without the Light Grey 5 (eeeeee) area shading on paragraph style Code. Is it intended to make this change to the published document?

Added a tracking sheet to the 7.4 R1 folder and Published + Archive subfolders.
Added Chapter 2 to the folder and I will work on changes from this conversation to extend conditional formatting information.

Hi @Northwoods35

Reviewed and approved your contents on sparklines. Minor correction on image anchoring. File is in the R1 published folder.

Thank you for this !!!


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Chapters 0, 1, 2 have been finalized and put into Published (they, along with all chapters pend review of Chapter references due to new chapter).

New Chapter XX has been reviewed. @ohallot

[Original reply to the deleted post reposted above.]

What is the purpose of the Guides? They are clearly not Reference:


I suggest the only text to support Date Figures and Note is:

Date applies a defined style depending on a data range chosen in the drop-down menu. Date range options are formed by applying This, Last, and Next adjectives to the available periods for Day, Week, Month, or Year with. Last 7 days is another option available. Examples include: Tomorrow (the word for next day), Last 7 days, This week, Next month, Last year.

I don’t think three lines explaining how to use cell conditions needs a two-page table of all Conditions for cell values.

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Yeah… you and @Northwoods35 are right, it is a bit extensive and boring.