Calc Guide changes: Split chapter 2, add chapter for formatting only

Hi team

I’d like to add more information on cell formatting, extending the contents of conditional formatting. I think to split Chapter 2 into 2 parts, likely adding a new chapter only for formatting spreadsheets.

Chapter 2 would be “Entering, Editing, and Searching Data” and Chapter 3 would be “Formatting Data”.

The reason is basically on conditional formatting, which is under-optimally described in either the Help and the Calc Guide.

A source I’d like to merge is written by Roman Kuznetsov (@kompilainenn ) and is available as PDF at

It will require a merge of the formatting sections of current chapter 2 and @kompilanenn text to fit in our guide writing style and formatting.

I will also require a change in chapter numbering of the book.

Is there any issue not foreseen we should address?


Perhaps the remaining portions of Chapter 2 could be folded into Chapter 1 as what remains after removing the formatting section is relatively short and basic. And the hiding data section from Chapter 2 is very related to Chapter 1s working with columns, rows, etc. section.

Hi @Northwoods35

Actually there are more changes I’d like to suggest.

  1. I prefer not to merge the remaining of Ch2 into Ch1. Ch1 is well balanced.

  2. I would move the last section “Regular expressions” from Ch1 to Ch2, after the the Search and Replace section (search can be done with Regexp.)

  3. I stand that cell formatting is a chapter on its own (C3) when details about conditional formatting is rewritten and complemented. I have rewritten the Help pages (WIP) on the subject [1]. CF seems a well kept secret and has a lot of interesting possibilities.


PS. I can take this task if you allow me.

@ohallot its all yours! :slight_smile:

I previously added a bit of hide columns/rows to Chapter 1.

The current chapter 3 is ready for review (addition of Sparklines).

That guide is a nice coverage of conditional formatting but some of it is more suited to help and the Calc guide content needs to be presented to give a balanced view of calc. Is it reasonable to have four percent of the calc guide covering conditional formatting? What about a third of the content comprising two tables? One example from each of those tables would likely suffice with the rest left in Help.

Without discussing chapter splits, Formatting data, Using conditional formatting, and Hiding and showing data seem to belong together and would be better after Find and replace. Regular expressions fits well with Find and replace.

There seems to be confusion about what the first chapter is, especially in relation to the Getting started guide.

Hi All,

I am in favor to expose nice features of the software. I consider a poor/bad documented feature as a flaw, with consequences (call for the help desk, confusion, sub-optimal use of the spreadsheet, …) for the software acceptance.

I created a chapter named CG74XX-FormattingData.odt with cell formatting information extracted from CG7402, and I rewrote conditional formatting contents extending with examples and definition found no where in TDF documentation. I sourced from @kompilainenn, google and the WIKI/FAQ and trial-and-error.

Consequently CG7402 has changes and I also moved Regexp contents from CG7401 to CG7402. The Preface was adjusted with the changes.

I’ll appreciate a review of my writing style and typing before publishing.

Kind regards

PS. By adding a new chapter I know a complete review of the Guide is mandatory. My task.