Procedure for Full Reviews

The review procedure is pretty clear with no real changes proposed.

“Go through the instructions in the chapter. Follow the instructions exactly as they are written, so you can see if anything is different between the instructions and the software or if any essential steps are missing or unclear”

I’d suggest the tracking sheet needs to explicitly identify the parts of a review that have been completed because with comments like “I only read through it” the process is clearly not being followed and the quality varies greatly.

Regarding proposed changes:

  1. Use numbered lists so items can be more easily referenced compared to unnumbered lists (which are often referenced by numerical order anyway)
  2. Reviewing - Means that you are checking the work of the person who updated a user guide chapter, to see if there is any missing information or errors.” seems far too narrow since existing errors will never be corrected and it is unlikely to identify changes that affect other areas of the guide.

The new rules for reviewing scare me a bit.

I’m afraid I can’t live up to those expectations.

As a result, I unfortunately have to withdraw from reviewing

@kees538 What expectations are you specifically referring to? I can’t see any new rules. The review procedure was Published 7 October 2016. The proposed changes limit the review to checking the updates (ie less onerous).

I suggested:

  1. tracking review scope, for example: release/version, wording/grammar, template, instructions, screenshots, content
  2. some provision for full reviews, not just changed content

That wouldn’t change what someone offered to review but the tracking sheet would give an overview of how current the review of say instructions is.

Given the importance of describing changes in guides comments in posts are not a good way of flagging changes required in future guides. Any additional advice on changes should be consolidated in one place.

It is more the title of your post.

I just did not know about the review rules. And I did not realize the complexity of it.

I do not want to be a fake reviewer.

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How do the listing captions end up on a different page from the listings? For example, Chapter 13 Listing 1 and keep going.