PRELIMINARY Results of 2023 TDF Board of Directors Election

Dear Members,

this is the announcement of the PRELIMINARY results of the voting for the next Board of Directors.

First of all: many thanks to all people who ran for elections!

The number of members who voted is 146, so 33 members did not. In fact the total amount of eligible voters was 179.

I’d also like to say thanks to all the voters. The elections are the most significant moment for a trustee, what let them differ from anyone else in our community.

With the PRELIMINARY results, elected as member of the Board of Directors, are the following candidates, in this preference order:

Full members

  1. Sophie Gautier
  2. László Németh
  3. Simon Phipps
  4. Italo Vignoli
  5. Bjoern Michaelsen
  6. Eliane Domingos
  7. Eike Rathke

Deputy members

  1. Osvaldo Gervasi
  2. Paolo Vecchi
  3. Mike Saunders

These results were calculated using the same tooling and rules as usual: OpenSTV

For more details, see

Before these results can be final, we have the challenging phase from Saturday, 2023-12-30, 00:00 CET/UTC+1 (beginning of day 30) until Monday, 2024-01-08, 24:00 CET/UTC+1 (end of day 08)

As member you are invited to check your votes as explained after the voting, and with the anonymous token given at that time. It’s only you who have that token. The results to verify, for all members who voted, are here

In case you think there is any irregularity or if there are other questions, please contact the Membership Committee AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, and in any case no later than Monday, 2024-01-08, 24:00 CET/UTC+1 (end of day 08), through

For reference, details of the whole election process are in the first announcement, to be found here: Announcing the 2023 TDF Board of Directors Election

On behalf of the Membership Committee,
Marina Latini

Congratulations to all elected.

Thanks all members who voted in me.

New year! New board!
Hope we can work together respectfully and wisdom for the good of our foundation and the LibreOffice project.


Eliane Domingos
Brazilian LibreOffice Community


I want to take this opportunity to recognize the members of the outgoing board, on both ‘sides’, for their efforts over the past two years: @ayhanyalcinsoy, @cornouws , @syntaxerrormmm , @kelemeng , @nemeth , @PaoloVecchi and @thb (by alphabetic order of first names to not offend anyone I hope).

Despite all disagreements and critique, and perhaps especially in a term so fraught with them, I commend you for investing the time, effort and nerves in steering the TDF, and hope that those of you who will not serve on the next term will - after some period of rest at year’s end - can help the new board along our common path, which it will now lay out.

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Hi all,

Like Eliane, I would like to send a big thank you to all members who supported me for this election :heart:

And congratulations to all who are elected!

I also thanks a lot those I nominated and were not elected, that’s great to have you around :slight_smile:

Looking forward to make TDF and its projects a shiny warm place again where to contribute and work all together.


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Thanks to the members of the MC who have worked so hard on this election. I know from experience it is both a major task and a serious responsibility.

Thanks to the Trustees who voted for me and also for so many others who I am sure it will be possible to work with to achieve consensus on progress and change.

Congratulations to the other directors-elect. I look forward to working with you and returning our focus to LibreOffice and the advance of digital self-sovereignty worldwide.



Dear people,

My wholehearted congratulations to the newly elected board members; looks as a wonderful team to me!

I’m grateful for the opportunity I had the past board terms, and have the current, serving the foundation and the community. Now I have to bend my head and I do so with respect for the strong candidates I have been in competition with :slight_smile:

Many thanks to Marina and the rest of the MC for organising and running the elections!


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Dear community members, I would like to thank the MC for organising the elections and all the people who voted for me, expressing their confidence in my person (and hopefully my wisdom). I would also like to ask the current and future members of the Board to give 2024 a fresh start by not letting any old rust come to the surface. We have the task of bringing the Document Foundation back to its roots and at the same time preparing it for the years to come. We need the help of all project members, regardless of their role as volunteers or paid staff, and regardless of their area of contribution. Only with a balanced approach will we be able to achieve our common goal. Happy New Year

Dear Marina, dear MC, dear Community,

first off: Thank you MC for organizing this election – especially the opportunity for candidates to closely interact with all members of the community on what we want our shared future to be!

Second, I thank all those that put their trust in me and put in their vote accordingly.

Third, I would like to acknowledge all who decided for a candidacy to the board with the intent to make LibreOffice better for those who collaborate on this common effort.

I wish all members of the community a happy start into 2024 – and personally seeing the team for the board that has been presented here, I am hopeful for a constructive move forward for the project that enables and unlocks those who are contributing now and those that might want to contribute in the future to make a positive impact on open source productivity.

Best Regards,