FINAL Results of 2023 TDF Board of Directors Election

Dear Members,
Dear Community,

the Membership Committee hereby announces the FINAL results of The Document Foundation’s Board of Directors election 2023.
The challenging phase has ended, and the following results are now the final ones.

Elected as members of the Board of Directors are, in this preference order:

Full members

  1. Sophie Gautier
  2. László Németh
  3. Simon Phipps
  4. Italo Vignoli
  5. Bjoern Michaelsen
  6. Eliane Domingos
  7. Eike Rathke

Deputy members

  1. Osvaldo Gervasi
  2. Paolo Vecchi
  3. Mike Saunders

Many thanks to all the candidates who stood for election and to all the voters, who have demonstrated their engagement in our Foundation. My congratulations to all the elected.

By separate message on the board-discuss forum each one will be invited to accept the new role as Member or Deputy of the Board of Directors.

The newly elected Board of Directors will only be in charge beginning from February 18, 2024.

On behalf of the Membership Committee,
Marina Latini

Thanks a lot to you Marina and all the MC for conducting the elections :slight_smile:

Thanks to the MC as well !

It must be said, though - for next time, I want to see candidates put under more pressure to present their case - as some of them tend to shy away from the public.

Also - the MC should also put up on our wiki:

  • Calendars/timetables of terms of different office holders, so it is possible to examine the history of who-was-what-when
  • Detailed election results (with the rounds, and tallies and everything) for past elections.

Hi Eyal,

On your last two points: