New Member Introduction (SPinz)

Hello team,

My name is Sofia and I am a scientist. I have a background in engineering/computer science and briefly worked with a software company as a science/technical content writer for their environmental compliance management software. During my studies I was an avid user of LibreOffice and any open source OS like SUSE, Linux, and Ubuntu but I am no expert by any means. There is always something more to learn and I really look forward to work and grow with the documentation team this year.

I have created an account on Nextcloud but it is requesting a server address, any insights on what I can do to get access or a forum link that I can follow with previous advice? Thank you

Sofia (SPinz)

Did you follow step 3 in Getting Access to the New LibreOffice Documentation Cloud Service - The Document Foundation Wiki ?

Hello Sofia
Any questions about documentation, I could probably answer. I am one of the Technical Writers on the Documentation Team looking after the Impress and Draw user guides.
Welcome to the club.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hi again Ilmari!
I just emailed Olivier my username for step 3 (i.e., SPinz). I hope this is useful, thank you for your response!

Nice to meet you Peter, I am just getting started so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with Impress and Draw user guides as well! I am currently in contact with Olivier concerning my account, so I can keep everyone updated on my “status” here.
I appreciate your warm welcome! :slight_smile:

Welcome @SPinz

You have access to the Nextcloud service of TDF

Everything is there.

Software is a never-ending process, documentation is always catching up. We have tons of doc bits to fix.

Here are some task to start tickling

Let us know where you find yourself comfortable to help us.


Thank you for the extensive information Oliver, I was able to log into NextCloud and will now take a look at the links provided. Will get back to the forum if I have any questions, thank you all!