Firebird connection setup

I’ve filled a bug 153940 – Create a new help page explaining how to setup a Firebird connection about missing helpp about Firebird database connection setup.
As I say in the bug I can help in elaborate the information but I don’t know how to work with help pages so, I can’t do it. But I’m here if you need me…

Gracias @jucasaca for the offering.

To help you in writing the help page, I suggest you write it in a ODT file, and we then manage to convert into a Help page.

We have a template to guide you in the following web page:

and the template

Looking forward to hear you!

Kind regards


For changing help pages, I suggest you contact the documentation
team. I’m sure they will be delighted to teach you how to do it
and/or to put themselves the text you will have prepared.


Best Regards,


Hello Olivier,

I’m Juan C. Sanz, just in case you don’t recognize my nick.

I’ve prepared the document with the information, I hope it is good enough, if not, you can contact me.

Should I upload the document to bugzilla too?

Firebird external help.odt (32,7 KB)

Hi, Lionel
(I take advantage of the fact that you are here to bother you :grinning:)
I am not a good programmer and may not even be a programmer, but I’m very interested in the Firebird driver, and some times I feel the need to comment something about it, could I contact you in any way? I promise to stop bothering you in the moment you say so.
Or could be you can mentoring me…
Juan Carlos

In principle, I would gladly mentor you. I cannot guarantee I’ll have
sufficient time and responsivity, but feel free to email me with
concrete questions. I’ll try :slight_smile:


I sent a help patch to gerrit.