BASIC guide imported into TDF wiki

The old BASIC guide is now in our wiki, combined to a single article by Hossein:

Now it can be freely updated.

Thanks Ilmari for these pages. I have some questions

  1. Can the big page be split in many as in the original Apache wiki?

  2. Are we allowed to improve/correct/update the contents?


Well, it can be, but I just spent an hour doing the redirects from the original imported split pages to the sections of the new combined page. What’s the trouble with the combined page?

Your point two I already answered in my original message.

On the same topic, the original Apache wiki page mentions the availability of PDF and ODT files, but it links to nothing except the actual document.

Do you know if the ODT is actually the source document?


I don’t know how the workflow was with the BASIC and dev guides. Possibly they used the ODT and exported to MediaWiki format.

I found missing parts, not imported. I am updating them, copying from the Apache.

It will be nice to have some macros in the wiki such as as in

<idl></idl> service

that opens the link in our API IDL website at


Oof, unfortunately there was a bit of a mistake: Hossein apparently imported the old book and this is why we are missing all the latest edits. Some are even from last year. We have to work together to coordinate the corrections.

Ok, I looked into it and did my first edit to grab later stuff. I propose that I continue with the updates and you can focus on something more fun :slight_smile:

No problem, Actually I am “scratching my itch” on BASIC.

Now I applied all the remaining fixes and later wiki edits. Lots of polish… I guess Hossein could continue adding images.