Writer: how to check for duplicated phrases?

Dear all,

I’m writing a thesis for some years and I’d like to check for duplicated phrases in one .odt file. I don’t have any idea of what could be duplicated, so I can’t use ctrl+f to search.

I’m looking for a solution similar to this Similarity check from Microsoft Word’s Editor, but one that does search inside the proper text (so it isn’t a plagiarism checker):

Is there any tool like this within LibreOficce Writer?

thank you all

Looks like there are relevant macros in an AOO forum topic.

Ok, but how can I use that macro? I mean, I’m not a developer, what can I do with that code?

Also, the code seems to look after only whole paragraphs. Is there any option to search for part of phrases (sentences?) and just mark it with another color instead of deleting? And would it be too long to search for a whole 200 pages document?


For the Basic macro, you can create a new library and add it.
For Python it’s different.