Writer Guide Chapter 6 must be review

Hello and sorry again for my bad english.

I am a collaborator of the Spanish documentation team, and reviewing the translation of chapter 6 of the Writer guide 7.3 I have found a title that I think needs to be replaced.

In the title “Vertical footers or headers on landscape pages” the frame is anchored to a paragraph on the page and therefore needs to be copied to every horizontal page. The explanation is old and hasn’t been updated since version 3.3: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/images/0/0d/0204WG3-FormattingPages.pdf

As of version 6 or earlier (perhaps 4.3), Writer allows you to anchor frames to headers and footers and it might be worth explaining this more useful and advanced method, where you create a page style with the vertical header and footer page layouts included.

I have redacted this title and translated it into English so that it can be reviewed and changed if appropriate in version 7.4 of the English guide. Who can I send the document to? Or where do I upload it?

You can send it privately to me, jeanweber@gmail.com
Or upload it to https://nextcloud.documentfoundation.org/apps/files/?dir=/LibreOffice%20Documentation/English/Writer%20Guide/7.4/Work%20in%20Progress&fileid=949844
Thank you!

I send it to you in private

Thank you. I have received the file and will use it when I update that chapter. Very much appreciated. The translators are often the people who find errors that all the rest of us miss. – Jean

Thanks for your attention,
As I am reviewing our guides in Spanish, I will send you more proposals as I find errors. (if you don’t mind) -Antonio

Yes, please do. Your corrections will be very welcome. Thank you. – Jean

Hello Jean
A few days ago I sent you two files to assess the review of chapters 6 and (8 and 9) of the Writer’s guide.
I would like to know if they have reached you and know your opinion (Thanks)

Happy Holidays to all


Hi Antonio,
just to be sure, you work on the files in Spanish right? I’m asking because I’m in the middle of Chapter 8 in English and I would like to know if I should continue or change to something else. Not sure what’s the practice to avoid working on the same document at the same time.

Happy Holidays,

Hello Tsveti.
Indeed I am working on the translations / updates of the guides in Spanish.
I have found some bugs or possible improvements in some chapters of the writer’s guide
(Chapters 6, 8 and 9) at the moment I have not reviewed others.
I sent the possible corrections to Jean Weber but I have not received confirmation if they had reached her.

These possible fixes I have put together in an odt file.
If you want, I’ll upload them to Nextcloud, but tell me where I can upload them so that it doesn’t interfere with the work method you use in the English guides.

Regards Antonio

My idea is just to prevent working simultaneously on the same document, since it seems contra productive. I’m working on Chapter 8 and after that I plan to start with Chapter 9 in English. For now it’s mostly screenshot updates.
I do use Spanish, although it’s not that good. So, of course, it will be useful to see your input. Thank you for offering! Jean says it’s easy to miss something, so I guess the more eyes, the better; )
In the English Guides there’s a Work in progress folder. I saw there’s no such approach in the Spanish folders, but also there’s not that many documents in Spanish.
So, you can upload the files wherever you think it’s better and just tell me where. Or maybe wait for Jean to see them first or give her advise for that. She seems to be the person who knows better. I can check them anytime later and see if I need to correct something in English that I missed. Also, feel free If you like to check my review of the document in English, I hope I’ll upload the file soon. I’ll write when I’m ready.


You do not need to use the documents in Spanish.
I have created a document that only contains the proposed changes, which explains the situation in each chapter (6, 8 and 9) and I have translated it with google translate. (My english is pretty bad)
therefore, possible machine translation errors should be reviewed.
I upload the document to Nexcloud, The file name is: Proposed corrections Chapters 6, 8 and 9 Writer Guide.odt.
Please notify me when you are finish the English chapter so I can refer to it and use it for our documentation.


Yes,I received them. Much appreciated, but I have no time to read them yet.

EDIT: I have now reviewed your suggestions. You found some important inconsistencies and errors that they rest of us had missed. Thank you!