Writer Guide 7.5 files ready for cleaning

@ohallot Who “cleans” the files in preparation for translation? Writer Guide 7.5 is ready for me to publish (both individually and as a complete book) as soon as the files are cleaned. Latest files are in WG7.5 Work in Progress folder. --Jean

Hi @jeanweber
I can clean the files.
BTW, where are they?

As I said in my post, they’re in the Writer Guide 7.5 Work in Progress folder (on NextCloud).

Hi Jean
Cleaned files are in a zip archive in folder Work In Progress for our approval.

Thank you. I have made a few corrections, mostly where lists did not restart at 1 (I missed those earlier) and have put all the files in the Published folder. The full-book PDF is in Published > PDF and chapter PDFs are coming soon.

I think the book is ready for release. --Jean

Hi @jeanweber
Everything is ready to switch on and will be mentioned in the press release for LO 7.5 soon.
Thank you for the efforts.

@ohallot Print edition of WG 7.5 is now available on Lulu.