Writer Guide 24.2 is ready to publish

@ohallot and team: As usual, no one has paid any attention to the updated chapters of the Writer Guide that I made available some time ago (and announced on this forum), so today I have declared them published. You can either take the book as I’ve done it, or wait for agreement on the new template and then put the chapters into that template and make whatever other changes are needed. If the latter choice, someone else can do it. I’m out of here again for awhile. Cheers, Jean

This is my first time here and I apologize if I’m repeating something that has already been reported. (I don’t know how to access the ‘WiP folder of WG 24.2’. I looked at nextcloud.documentfoundation.org but my account is ‘not provisioned’.)

Someone has pointed out to me that, on p. 56 of the 7.6 Writer Guide, it says ‘right-click Default Paragraph Style and select Modify’, but in 7.6 the menu says ‘Edit Style…’, not ‘Modify’.

Hi Robert

Access to Nextcloud is done by demand. Instructions are in the wiki: Getting Access to the New LibreOffice Documentation Cloud Service - The Document Foundation Wiki

Please follow the instructions there. If you already have the SSO login, you must follow STEP 3 precisely.



Please have a look at this open bug, for action.



Fixed in draft for 24.8 book. Bug report marked fixed.

Thank you for reporting this error. It persisted in the 24.2 edition of the book, but has been fixed in the draft for 24.8.