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Hey folks!

I am Irdi, a member of Open Labs Hackerspace in Tirana. We are starting with the activities for LibreOffice month, and we want to start with translating The Document Foundation Wiki in Albanian because we noticed it is missing.
I created an account to check how smooth the process is, and I am stuck. After creating the account, when I try to log in to wiki it takes me to the authentication portal and asks me to add a new password. It is a loop which I am struggling to figure out how to break out off.

Are there any permissions needed to translate the wiki, or am I doing something wrong?

Screenshot attached of the after I Log in to wiki.

And when I click Go to Portal, it takes me to the Change your password tab.

Thank you very much in advance!

Try clearing your cookies for the site.

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Thanks a lot, it works fine now.

@pomodoren and @flowrivers are encountering the same issue and it seems clearing the cookies aint working for them. Any other ideas?

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