Where's the ESC-discuss / engineering-discuss categories?

Our web forum has a board-discuss for discussions relating to the TDF Board of Directors. However - we don’t have a category for discussing matters regarding the Engineering Steering Committee, nor matter regarding LO development more generally.

I seem some posts on board-discuss which are entitled [steering-discuss], which looks like people were trying to DIY the category themselves. Example:

So, can we have at least one of these categories created?

Some bikeshedding options:

  • ESC-discuss
  • eng-steering-discuss
  • steering-discuss ← don’t like this one; the BoD also steers things
  • engineering-discuss
  • sw-engineering-discuss
  • sw-eng-discuss
  • development-discuss
  • dev-discuss

and one last bikeshedding suggestion: Maybe drop the “-discuss” part of category names altogether (e.g. replace board-discuss with BoD or board-of-directors, and then we can drop the suffix from the options above).