What is the primary community/discussion server?

Looking around I find a lot of mailinglist related to Document Foundation and LibreOffice an different servers. Some of them seem to be gateways to Discours, but I’m not sure?

community .documentfoundation.org/

lists .documentfoundation.org/

lists .freedesktop.org/

It is hard to tell where the current activity is going on. I would like to ask for opening a mailinglist about “odfpy” (a Python package) project on a documentfoundation list server.


Also, this website has language-specific sections, which seem to overlap the scope of language-specific sections of ask.libreoffice.org . And finally, we have IRC channels and Telegram channels/groups for language communities.

Everything put together is quite confusing and probably the cause of some fragmentation and frustration of newbies.

I agree with this feedback. It would be excellent to have a clear entry point for newcomers, including those of us familiar with the software and community!


Hi Eyal, Ask is where users are directed, but NLPs have their own working areas on the product like QA, Doc or L10n. You were not aware of them when they were discussing on mailing lists, but now that some of them have migrated to Discourse categories, their activity is visible to the whole community.
It is up to each language community to decide what they prefer to use for their work. I agree that it could be confusing, even more for the projects who use both Discourse and mailing lists, but it’s there choice.