[Website Redesign] native-lang sites


This message is posted as well to the projects@ mailing list because I
need the feedback of a specific audience :slight_smile: .

I've posted a first, very rough and totally unprecise attempt at
defining a top menu / main site map. The question that's not properly
thought out, among others, is how we deal with the native-lang projects
and multilingual aspects of the future website.

I'd be happy to say that we ought to have a language selector somewhere
on the top of the page, plus an attempt at automatically guessing the
browser's language. Besides that, there should be the appropriate links
to nlp sites as described in the top menu list details:

But once I've written that, I do realize I've written very little. I'd
be interested in the feedback of our non-natively-English speaking
friends. The "International Sites" top section has always seemed
awkward to me and I'm sure we can do better. Please discuss on the
website@ mailing list only.