Uploaded GS6.0 chapters to ODF Authors.

I have uploaded my draft of LO 6.0 Chapter 6 GS with Impress, which
covers the removal of the Impress Presentation Wizard:

There is no reference in this chapter to exporting presentations in
Flash (SWF) format, which is referenced in chapter 1, so I have uploaded
a revised version of my previous draft of chapter 1:

I have also updated the User Guide Tasks wiki page with these changes:

On the ODF Authors page I see that Amanda and Jorge have uploaded their
drafts, but the User Guide Tasks wiki page doesn't appear to have been
updated to reflect these changes. Not only is this page helpful for
tracking our progress, but when it comes time to begin merging our
drafts/revisions it will be a useful reference for the person/people
merging our changes.