Update to Getting Started Guide (Base)


I have submitted an update to the Base chapter of the Getting Started Guide. The filename is “GS7608-GettingStartedWithBase_RT.odt”. Since the Report section of the document (last 10 pages) needs to be revised by a subject matter expert, I did not edit it.


Rob Thornton

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It doesn’t need an SME. That chapter is a tutorial, the exercise needs working through, preferably by someone who is not a SME or familiar with it to ensure it is clear.

I disagree. In my opinion, the Report section is not clear when it tries to explain what a report is. Since I was not sure what a Report was after reading it, I did not want to edit that section.

I am fine with whatever the final decision is, but that’s what I think.


The content has been used for a long time but that is a useful comment by a reviewer which should be put into the document so it is attended to. It wouldn’t prevent anyone from completing the tutorial part.

I’m keen to fix any issues like this. Can we chat in the Telegram LibreOffice Documentation Channel?

Sure. When would you be available? I live on the East Coast of the USA, so I use EST. Sunday would be best.



I have to go to church tomorrow so I can’t make the new appointment. Can we reschedule again?


Reply to the invitation on Telegram with an alternative.

Could you reissue the invite?


You read it in Telegram. Send me a PM in Telegram and I will reply.