"Understanding, Authoring and Editing Openoffice.org Help" book on the wiki

Hi all!
I started updating these pages by replacing OpenOffice.org with LibreOffice, adding “obsolete” warnings and fixing small issues, but I wanted to chat further about the state of this resource.

When I got to the Authoring part, it became apparent that some parts of the book are mostly obsolete, and others are still useful. For example, we still rely on the Help File XML Reference, but I refrained from updating that Authoring chapter and instead added a warning at the top, redirecting with the much simpler Documentation/Help instructions.

Could someone more knowledgeable than me have a look at the Authoring chapter and confirm that most or all of it is not relevant anymore? Are there any useful sections in it at all, or is everything better explained elsewhere on the wiki?

Similarly, I’d like to know what to do with Table 5: Paragraph Switching Contexts, specifically the part about distrib and its associated note. I can only see it being used in one file: online_transform.xsl (revision ebdeebb9) - OpenGrok cross reference for /help/help3xsl/online_transform.xsl

Any comments about what to do with the resource are welcome. I’d just like to help make it more useful, and reduce the risk of contributors getting lost into information that’s been obsolete for years.

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I am.
See: Integrating extensions help pages in LibreOffice help