Track changes on deletions

Hi… In the past, the track changes such as deletion and addition of text were placed inline (deletions were strike-through and additions were underlined). Sometimes it was hard to read but all information was there for the revision job.

Now deletions are put in the left margin and I found no way to display the deletion in full, which prevents me to review correctly.

Any trick to get the old way?


Tools > Options > LibreOffice Writer > View. Under Display Tracked Changes, deselect Tracked deletions in margin.

Another way: on the Track Changes toolbar, there is a drop-down menu on the Show Track Changes icon. One of the choices is “Deletions in Margin” - the others are “All Changes Inline” and “Insertions in Margin”.

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IMO that checkbox should be moved to the top of the Changes subtree and, if checked, the other options should be greyed out.

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