Tomorrow community session


Several of you have also registered for the community session. This session regroups all the members of the community who take care at a local level the localization (l10n), marketing and animation in their local communities.

For those who have registered for the community session, it will take place on Wednesday 2023-09-20 (tomorrow) at the venue (room 106) starting at 14:00. Also, lunch will be available for the participants starting at 13:00.

Location: Universitatea Națională de Știință și Tehnologie Politehnica București – Facultatea de Automatică și Calculatoare – PRECIS (full address is Bulevardul Iuliu Maniu 6d, București 061344)

The community session is a gathering especially for the community members but anyone interested in meeting them and knowing the community can join.

For your information, this is the agenda of the community session:

  • Liaisons introduction, presenting what they have done
  • Weblate improvements
  • Introduction to TDF, its different bodies, their roles
  • Getting feedback from the audience
  • Encouraging the communities to build social media activity in their language