TDF Membership Committee announces the new membership management system: Proteus

Dear Members,
one of the tasks of The Membership Committee (MC) is to manage membership applications and renewals. The primary objective of this task is to carefully evaluate applications from individuals who want to become members of TDF. Also the members’ contributions to the LibreOffice project are verified to ensure a transparent, fair, and efficient membership process.

To do it, a script created by the early MC members has been used for many years. With the introduction of GDPR and the drive for improved internal processes, the MC decided to develop a new open source management system that meets the legal requirements for members and applicants data governance.

During 2022, the open source tool called Proteus was developed.
Proteus will be used for renewals and applications starting from the second half of 2023.
To allow this transition, the MC has established the following schedule:

  • June 25th to June 29th: Period for receiving quarterly renewals and new applications with Proteus.
  • June 30th: MC meeting (with the first 15 minutes open to interested participants).

All TDF members with renewals due in this quarter are called upon to submit their information through the new system, which will utilize Single Sign-On and can be accessed at the following address:

If you don’t have an account in TDFs single sign-on (SSO) infrastructure, please create one at

More explanations on Single sign-on (SSO) in LibreOffice projects - YouTube

If you have questions, please contact the Membership Committee (

Thanks for your support.

On behalf of the membership committee,


Hi Marina, hi MC.
Where, as a member, may I get my renewal’s due date/quarter and let me know from other members?

Suggestion1: on the member list in write such info after each name.

Suggestion2: each member has written a short self-presentation, which will be updated on renewal; why not give the opportunity to update it (in the renewal process) and then link it under the member name in the above page? IMHO it will enhance TDF image and transparency.

diego maniacco


Hello Diego,
thanks for the suggestions. We are currently collecting the feedback we received after we started to use Proteus and indeed, your suggestions are good one too!

Please, keep ideas and feedback coming!

Dear Members,
as anticipated in the provious message:

June 30th: MC meeting (with the first 15 minutes open to interested participants).

We will meet on Friday, June 30th from 12.00 to 13.00 UTC



Public Part

  1. Answering questions from the community (15 mins)
    Rationale: provide an opportunity for the community to ask questions to the MC and about TDF

Private Part

  1. Finalisation of Q2/2023 (MC, 45 mins)
    Rationale: review of remaining pending renewals and finalisation of the Q2/2023

Total scheduled meeting time: 60 mins

On behalf of the membership committee,