TDF Marketing/Community Budget for 2024

Dear members of LibreOffice native language communities,

We have to schedule in advance the majority of marketing/community activities for 2024, to approve the budget as soon as possible – hopefully very early in 2024 – and have the time to get organized. In 2023, we have had a growing number of events worldwide, and in 2024 we would like to see that number increase.

We are therefore asking native language communities to provide the following:

  1. A list of objectives you would like to pursue in 2024. Please avoid wishful thinking, and stick to achievable objectives. A few examples: organize a meeting with public administrations to educate them about LibreOffice and ODF; organize a local LibreOffice Conference; support the organization of activities in schools and universities; etc.

  2. For each objective, provide a rationale and a sensible amount of money. Again, we are spending donations money, and we must be extremely cautious both with requests and with approvals. Requests missing a rationale or spending details (easy to understand) will not be approved.

  3. For requests equal or exceeding 1,000 euro, you must provide the outline of a project, because a large amount of money is probably covering different expense chapters (infrastructure, suppliers, OOP money) and budget approvers should be allowed to have a clear picture of what they approve.

Examples of activities which TDF will provide a budget for:

  1. local community events (aimed at getting face-time for contributors)
  2. marketing activities (aimed at representing the project to the outside world)
  3. targeted projects (for instance, promoting LibreOffice in schools)

In addition, we ask you to provide a list of purchase requests, such as printing stickers, banners or roll-ups for events, or t-shirts/hoodies for members of your native language community, etc.

The idea is to have a good plan for 2024 as soon as possible, while keeping the administrative overhead low, and have two authorizers responsible for the final approval of the budget.

TDF BoD will provide a budget bucket for marketing and a budget bucket for community. Budget requests will be associated to the relevant budget, and then approved by budget approvers (according to the availability of funds).

Before sending any budget request, please read carefully TDF reimbursement policies: TDF/Policies/Community Refunds - The Document Foundation Wiki.

Deadline for the submission is December 31, 2023. Email messages should be sent to, with copy to, and


I plan to host a community event at our research institute Språkbanken Text, University of Gothenburg. I don’t expect to need much budget unless you want to fly in some of you with official roles? Travel costs € 1000 and promotion € 1000 without officials flying in, otherwise add € 2000 per official. FYI I will host it anyway, without accetṕted budget.
Happy new year!

Hi Leif-Jöran,
That’s nice, thanks for organizing this meeting! Regarding flying officials, let us know how it would help you, when it will be or any information that could help to plane the budget.

Did you sent also your request to treasurer@ or to Italo (or me because I don’t receive it)?

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@sophi Unfortunately I did not manage to get all the details settled before the deadline, so I did not send it. So you are not missing anything, apologies. I will let you know the details when I have them though.

Ok, I sent a mail to Italo so we have a provision for your event in the community budget :slight_smile: