Style name change in 7.6

Has there been a style name change in LibreOffice 7.6?

I am updating the Impress Guide to 7.6 and have just noticed the name change. Text Body in 7.5 is now Body Text in 7.6.

The style name change appears to be automatic. I opened the template for LO Chapters and noticed that Text Body style had changed names.

Are there any changes we have to be aware of when updating the Writer files for the LO User Guide?


See this report for the reasoning and discussion: 154933 – Rename "Text body" to "Body text"

I think this naming is not unified with the other modules (i.e. Writer).

Lp, m.

V V tor., 29. avg. 2023 ob 15:39 je oseba Peter Schofield via The Document Foundation Community <> napisala:

In Impress and Draw, the style is simply named Text, Text A0, and Text A4.

I shall update the templates used for the LO chapters and user guide.

All style names beginning with Text will now start with Body Text.


Beg pardon, I’m still new here. Is Writer going to be updated so the style names are consistent across modules or are the style names in Writer going to remain the same?

Hi Rob

It is a change in the user interface.

Nonetheless, I checked in the Writer Guide. I made a search for “text body” and found many results. I think it must be changed to “body text”, according to the wikipedia definition quoted above.


/note to self: a double ambiguity does not make a certitude, what is “text”, what is “body”?. :slight_smile:


Would you like me to go and correct the Writers Guide? If so, how do I update the Guide for 7.7? Does someone have to make a new folder for 7.7 with WIP folders and all?


Hello Rob!

The next LibreOffice will be numbered “LibreOffice 24.2” and is expected for February 2024. The Writer Guide will be “Writer Guide 24” . We will leave the style name change to the next WG round.

I just created the WG24 folders in the cloud.