Spreadsheet: mouse pointer or mouse cursor?

Hi @kees538 @Northwoods35
I was browsing CG7401 and found a discussion on mouse pointer and mouse cursor.

To me, the cursor is the box that moves when you use the arrow keys plus derivatives and when you click on a cell and the cursor moves to the cell. Th cursor indicates the active cell.

The mouse pointer is the arrow or thick cross that follows the mouse movement.

I think “mouse cursor” is misleading. There should be “cursor” and “mouse pointer” as distinct items.

Also, if you have not remarked, the mouse pointer can be set to a thick cross for those who are excel nostalgic. Set this in Tools - Options - Libreoffice Calc - View - Visual Aids - Pointer and select “Themed” .

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I am a believer in CURSOR.

I first came across a cursor in 1977 when I was introduced to a small computer used on an engine text bed. It was also the cursor during the early days of personal computing as a flashing cursor for the old DOS prompt.

The problem with using the word MOUSE is that not everybody uses a mouse. There are trackpad, roller balls, and arrow keys used in the computing world. Solution is to drop the word MOUSE.

POINTER is definitely not the word to use. The cursor does change shape depending on what the task is being carried out.

Just my thoughts on the matter.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

I agree with Olivier: “mouse cursor” is misleading. There should be “cursor” and “mouse pointer” as distinct items.

I too agree with Olivier. There is a difference between cursor and mouse pointer. I think everyone not using a mouse will understand the term mouse pointer.