Spreadsheet Default Font Size Help

When I consulted the help pages a few seconds ago, I found out how to change the default font size for characters in my spreadsheet. Then I created a new sheet, by pressing the [+] button. (FYI - I enclose the character in [ ] to denote the button). This created a new sheet as expected. Unfortunately, it failed to use 12 for the font size. Furthermore, I am not sure if I should be posting this problem here or as a bug to be squashed elsewhere.

In follow-up, I shut down the program. Then I opened it up again. The default font size is still 10. Ideally. the help pages will also include known bugs like this one, and perhaps what we as a community plan on doing to squash them.

Just changing the font size is not enough. After changing the font size you shoult save the sheet as a template. Then you can make this template the default template. After that the font size will be default for new spreadsheets. See chapter 3, Styles and Templates, of the Getting started Guide on https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Documentation/Publications

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