Spanish liaison

I volunteer to be the liaison for the Spanish-speaking group.

Now that I’ve gone through the announcement on the blog, I see that it says to introduce oneself.
Well, I’m Juan C. Sanz. I’ve been a volunteer on the documentation team for a long time and I’ve also collaborated on other issues, like on L10N, with the translation of the interface and help, I’ve written some articles on the blog, I answer questions on Telegram and Ask, I’ve also reported some bugs and even submitted a couple of patches.
Why do I want to be a liaison? Well, as I said in Milan, because I think it is a role that I have missed sometimes, and I think it can be very useful to have someone in the local communities who can help, in their own language, those who want to start collaborating on any of the topics. Especially when they need to get in touch with people who can help them on a particular topic where there are no local collaborators.

Hi Juan, great to have here and thanks for accepting the role :slight_smile: What help would you need for the first steps?

Well, if we had to move information from the international places to the local ones, we need to know which are the international places where information is generated. For example, today I’ve discovered there are a design blog. Are there any other specific blogs?
I’ve found a page with all the mail lists, are there any similar pages for blogs or other interesting resources?

Here is a link to all blogs, and the page lists all social media available too:

Don’t hesitate to ask if you have other questions or needs