Some remarks on 24.2 templates and sanity checks macros

I had a long talk today with @bantoniof on 2 topics: sanity checks macros and 24.2 chapter template

  • Currently, the proposed template 24 has too many styles and deserve simplification. I’m going to look into this template next week, but review is welcome too. The template is in the /Contributor Resource/ folder in the cloud. We both agree that too many styles is confusing and turns authoring harder to maintain. Many styles are either not used or too similar to an existing one.

  • @bantoniof is kindly working on macros for checking styles, direct formatting, figure and frame adjustments, some accessibility issues and more when needed.

We also agree that list style management is far from intuitive. While very powerful, it nevertheless requires better user interface to master the topic. @Regina kindly offered a precise explanation on lists.


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Hi Olivier,

I would be interested in reviewing the template. Would it be sensible to wait until you have updated the draft and review it then?



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Please wait a couple of days

I have uploaded a new chapter template into Contributor Resources. It has been based on the Proposal-Template-24 for the user guide.

The ODT filename is LO-UG-Chapter-Template-24. This template does not have a front or back cover, but starts with the chapter title page.


@peewee Does the draft template you uploaded include the changes @ohallot mentioned he was working on a few days earlier (upthread here)?

Hello Jean

I used the template that was available in Contributor Resources as my starting point which did include changes from Olivier,


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Sorry my English,
I attach a Pdf about the template
About the template v24.pdf (114,6 KB)


I will go through your suggestions and update the template.

It is a good idea to try and use the default styles to create LO documents. It will also reduce the clutter in the styles list.

More news after Christmas and New Year.

I do hope that everybody keeps safe and well over the holiday period.


Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team

Hello All,

I have not done a full review of the proposal but have a few initial thoughts and queries based on the work that I’ve been doing on the Calc and Base Guides.

  1. If we are now centring figure captions, should we be consistent and centre table captions too? This would avoid the slightly odd appearance that arises when a narrow table, that is centred in the middle of the page, has its caption to the left of the page.

  2. Are we mandating that any code listing must have a caption above it? This would require the inclusion of hundreds of such captions in the Base Guide, to no good purpose.

  3. In step 2 of the “Using the template section”, doesn’t this action leave a massive task of reinstating all formatting, reinserting all figures, and reinserting all tables in all chapters of the guide? The 7.3 Base Guide comprises 565 pages, containing 447 figures (not all of which we will have original files for!) and 78 tables. Fixing that lot doesn’t sound like my idea of fun!

  4. Is the intention to amend the proposal so that the file includes the LO User Guides style on the Table Styles tab of the Styles deck?

Best wishes to everyone at this time of the year.



Do not panic.
That instruction is a mistake, the idea is to eliminate the direct formatting of characters and paragraphs from the chapters. With this action, the direct format is eliminated although the applied styles remain. As you say, frames and images are eliminated. Obviously that requires a lot of work and is not what we want.
The work of removing direct formatting has to be done manually or with a macro.

In the PDF I say that the styles Heading Note, Heading Tip and Heading Warning must inherit from the paragraph style List.
This depends on what you intend to do with them:

  • If you want to increase or decrease the indentation of all paragraph styles with lists, simply modify the parent style List. This will also affect Heading Note style etc.
  • If you do not want to modify the indentation of these styles, they must inherit from Heading or Boby Text