Some formatting issues with Base 7.3 Guide

A few of the Tips have code within them. This has caused some
formatting to be slightly wrong.

Page 263 (in Chapter 5 Queries) has two Tips. The first paragraph in
the one at the top has a line under it, which should be removed
manually, so it's clear that the code and other paragraphs are part of
the Tip. The paragraph after the first set of code does not have a
line, so I assume it was manually removed, which is good.

On pages 382-383, the two blocks of code within the Tip are not
indented to line up with the text, so it's unclear that they are all
part of the Tip, especially with two of the internal paragraphs having
the end-of-Tip line under them. I suggest the best way to handle this
particular instance is to make it not a Tip, but something else that
isn't indented; perhaps an example?

[You can see examples of Tips with embedded code that are properly
lined up, with no extra underlines, on page 402 and 406. Because the
code doesn't have the grey background, I suspect this was done using a
character style or even a manual font change. Not the best approach,
but the visual result is clear.]

The Tip at the bottom of page 273 is continued on the next page, but
the line under the last sentence on page 273 makes it look like that
is the end of the Tip.

The Tip at the bottom of page 284 is continued on the next page. There
is room for the entire Tip on page 285, so the first paragraph should
be made "keep with next".