Some comments to certain images of the chapters CG7505_OH and CG7508_OH (Calc guide)

I have added some comments to certain images of the chapters CG7505_OH and CG7508_OH
I think those pictures should be changed

And the last image is an hyperlink to OpenOffice wiki. and it must be incrusted

Hi B. Antonio,

Gracias !

However I revised your comments and I found them invalid:

  • There is no hyperlinks to external images. All images are embedded.
  • You added comments on differences with respect to LibreOffice 7.2. The guide is for LibreOffice 7.5. You must use the latest available LibreOffice to verify the guide contents.

I opened the Calc Guide 7.6 task/folder and added the initial revision in the Work In Progress folder. Comments, changes and updates must be on these files, and not in 7.5 anymore. Expected publication dates is August 2023.

You are welcome to check-out the chapters and work on them, with track-changes enabled and your name on the control spreadsheet.

Kind regards


I’m sorry for causing confusion, because I wrote the comments very quickly, and the errors are in the comments, as well as in the images.
1 - my version of LibreOffice:
2 - Figure 30 (CG7508)

The image is not external, but has a hyperlink. Also, the stated formula =COUNTIF(A$1:A$6;"r.d*) doesn’t work, the formula that works is: =COUNTIF(A$1:A$6;"r?d*) – Note the wildcard must be ?
3 - In my version of LibreOffice, some menu entries in the Extensions dialog box do not appear in the same place as in the version 7.5 guide (figures 22 and 23 CG7505)

Figure in the Calc guide

In my versión of LibreOffice
– – My contribution is so small that I think it is not worth it to appear in the table of collaborators

Hi B. Antonio

Thanks for the clarification.

Please note that the work now is in the 7.6 version of the Calc Guide.

  1. I removed the hyperlink in CG7608-FormulasAndFunctions.odt image as indicated.

  2. The text on regular expression is correct. You seem to be testing when wildcard is enabled in the Options (which is the installation default). Regular expressions and wildcards are mutually exclusive. I added a remark on the need of more contents on using wildcard.

  3. Marked figure 22 of CG7605 to be updated. Figure 23 looks correct.

Changes and corrections MUST be carried in version 7.6 of the Calc Guide.