Some coments in chapters 1 and 2 of the 7.6 Calc guide

I have added some comments in chapters 1 and 2 of the 7.6 Calc guide for review. I am working on updating version 7.5 of the Calc guide in Spanish and when I find any other indication I will put it as a comment (while the version 7.6 guide is in progress)

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By mistake, I put the comments to chapter 2 of the Writer’s guide in version 7.5, (already published).
Fixed bug, comments are now in chapter 2 of version 7.6 and removed from version 7.5
I’m sorry for the inconvenience

Thanks again for you comments.

On Chapter 1 you report that you were not able to see the View > Hidden Row/Column Indicator menu option. I have just checked on version (X86_64) / LibreOffice Community and the option is available, located directly below the Value Highlighting option and above the Show Formula option.

Please could you check again in case some further investigation is needed?

In your comments on Chapter 2, you note that your Spanish version of the software uses a different escape character (a \ backslash) to that described in the text (a ~ tilde) for the “Wildcard” facility.

I wouldn’t propose to update the English version of the CG for this difference, which is presumably one of many locale dependent differences. I hope that isn’t a problem…

The note appears in document CG7501.
I currently have version installed (in Windows 10) as the main version, which is the one I am working on. -At the time of reviewing the chapter I had version
I have also installed version in parallel.
In version, as you say, that option appears in the menu,
but in version NO.
It is possible that it is a regression from versions 7.5 or that the note was written without checking it or…who knows.
In the screenshot you can see that there are hidden columns and rows but the option does not appear in the menu.

In your comments on Chapter 2…
Ok, understood. Thanks for the indication.