Seeking User Test of LO Base install for SQLite in Windows

Thanks to the following community member kindly agreeing to me sending this
email to the mailing list.

Regarding the user testing comment "there's too much text about how to
create an empty [SQLite] file" (BG7302-CreatingADatabase). It is also noted
the Windows File Explorer instruction does not work with the default
configuration of View unselected File name extensions, and the SQLite
username and password are not relevant to this section.

The following is suggested as a simple OS independent alternative to
replace the whole section:

Initial preparations before connecting to a SQLite file

Before making a connection, the SQLite database file must exist. If your
database file does not exist then you can create an empty file, for example.

Start LibreOffice Writer:

* File New, Text Document
* File, Save As, File name: libretest.db, Save as type: Text (*.txt),
Browse Folders to select required folder, Save

Detailed documentation for sqlite3 can be found at SQLite is not prescriptive about the
extension of a database file, “.sqlite” and “.db” are commonly used.


Regarding the user testing comments "please add info on how to set up DSN",
and never using the example DNS filename.

I expect the MySQL or MariaDB database server used as a template has good
ODBC documentation. Unfortunately, the SQLite driver documentation does not
document DNS for Windows and contains "TODO: improve documentation". The
instructions should use the empty database file created previously.

The following is suggested with an indicative first sentence to replace the
whole (BG7302-CreatingADatabase) SQLite databases Initial preparation
section beneath the note.

Follow the instructions for your operating system. For example, in Windows:

1. Run (Windows key + R) C:\Program
Files\LibreOffice\program\odbcconfig.exe the ODBC Data Source Administrator
2. On the User DSN tab click the Add button to add a User Data Source Name
3. Select the SQLite3 ODBC Driver (if it's not displayed it needs to be
installed) and click the Finish button
4. When the SQLite ODBC DSN Configuration window opens enter the Data
Source Name: libretest-SQLite, Browse to the database test.db, and click
the OK button. The ODBC DNS can be reconfigured later if required.