"Secret" but awesome LibreOffice features ! (?)

In a thread on the board-discuss section, @ohallot listed a number of features LibreOffice has but almost nobody knows about:

and possibly others.

I know about Hybrid PDFs: That how you can export a PDF which also contains the original document, which you can then open in LibreOffice for continued editing and also in PDF viewers for viewing like a regular PDF. This YouTube video demonstrates that flow.

But what about the other features? What are they? The public thirsts for enlightenment! :slight_smile:

Hi Eyal,

Thanks for highlighting these! I’ll start to promote them on our social media channels, Reddit etc. Starting with the first one you listed, TSCP classification:

Everyone is free to add more lesser-known features that deserve a mention, and we’ll do some promotion :wink:


Actually, that particular feature is not quite attractive. I think I would probably appreciate LO declaring lack of support for state-secret-stuff. :frowning: … this goes hand-in-spiked-glove together with the “promotion of sovereignty” line. :frowning:

I don’t know how “secret” it is but I’m a big fan of how LO can insert QR codes out of the box with Insert > OLE Object > QR and Barcode.
Especially since there are many online “free QR code generators” that actually use a redirect in the middle, and later on ask you to pay to keep the redirect alive… Absolute scammers, defeating the purpose of QR codes.
Something to advertise!

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Well, not literally secret, just hard-to-notice/easy-to-miss; I’ve added quotation marks.