Same HID should send to different pages depending on component

Hi all

Trying to wrap up the linking from Sidebar deck Help buttons introduced by tdf#156156, I’m wondering if it is possible to add bookmarks in the help page that use the same HID but link to different pages depending on what component it came from.

From my comment:

The Help ID constructor in ResourceManager.cxx (revision 9ca60dc9) - OpenGrok cross reference for /core/sfx2/source/sidebar/ResourceManager.cxx is good for most cases, but sometimes it would be useful to differentiate between components, for example the Styles deck:

Same thing, for example, for the Navigator.

How can I solve that? Clicking that button in Writer uses Target=swriter/SIDEBAR_STYLELISTDECK, but there isn’t a way to make use of that swriter/ suffix on the help side, is there?

Is there no way around changing how core generates the HIDs?

In DeckTitleBar::HandleToolBoxItemClick I could try to append the module name (SW, SD, SC, etc). However, this would imply changing all the XHP files you have already changed.
Do you have a ticket for this request?

No ticket yet, I was asking first to see if there was a trick I wasn’t aware of to solve it on the help page side. If there really isn’t a way, I’ll open a ticket for appending the module names to the HID and copy you in.

TBH I don’t see how this could be solved by using the swriter string. I guess it is only used to determine how the help page will be formatted (colors). Let’s wait and see if anyone else has other ideas.

I’ve encountered a similar issue with ‘built-in’ FilePicker help dialog. A dozen of menu command help requests - Open remote, Insert text from file, … - lead to correct help pages, while the FilePicker dialog help button points to a common unmanageable help page.