Restructuring Getting Started 7.4?


In reviewing the 7.3 GS guide while preparing to work on 7.4, I found that there could be a different (better?) structure for the GS guide.

The details of my proposal are in GS74 Restructure Proposal found in the Contributor Resources folder(here).

In short, I’m proposing to:

  • Combine Exporting and other advanced file management topics into a single chapter. Right now, file management information is split across 5 chapters.
  • Combine Chapter 1 and a simplified, stripped down version of Chapter 2 and move the detailed LO Configuration chapter to later in the book. Chapter 1 becomes “LO Basics” and covers what most users might want to know up front vs. an exhaustive walk through all the options.
  • Reorder the chapters so that Styles and Templates and Images and Graphics chapters follow the Writer and Calc chapters (so they make more sense in reading order).

Let me know what you think.

Thanks for your consideration.



if GS will get restructured, I propose either to remove the HTML editing chapter or to downsize it and append to some other chapter.

Lp, m.

V V sre., 14. sep. 2022 ob 04:09 je oseba Skip Masonsmith via The Document Foundation Community <> napisala:

@filmsi that’s part of the plan. :wink:

Well, it was not mentioned. Are there any other unmentioned proposals?

@filmsi have you reviewed the document linked in the original post?

Last call for comments. @ohallot @jeanweber @filmsi

I’ll proceed with this plan for GS 7.4 beginning Monday unless I hear other concerns (attached and linked).

GS74 Restructure Proposal.ods (21.5 KB)


Hi Skip
I like this new contents arrangement. OK for me.

I don’t think the following belong in Preface:

  • Minimum requirements
  • How to get the software
  • How to install the software
  • Extensions and add-ons

First websearch link.

In general, you need the following sections.

  1. About This Manual — orient the reader before they start. What type of document are they about to read? Is there anything out of scope in this release? What are the main chapter headings?
  2. Intended Audience — help the reader understand if this document is for beginners, experts, or particular functions, for example, security experts, C programmers, or network admins.
  3. Text Conventions — if you put something in bold, italic, or a special font, tell the reader what it means. This also helps other writers stay on track and avoid deviating from the style guide.
  4. New to this Release – for software updates, identify changes to the document. If the revision is extensive, list the changes by chapter.
  5. Acknowledgments – identify those who’ve helped you write the document, such as project sponsor, reviewers, designers, and others who’ve contributed.
  6. Related Documentation —what if the reader wants to learn more? Where should they go? It’s not enough to say, see the Admin Guide. Include a link to the Online Help or technical library where they can download the files.
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