Reminder: Send your Hackfest travel requests


in order to close this budget in 2012, I'd like to remind all of you to send in their Hackfest travel requests soon.

Per discretion of the board, TDF can refund hotel and travel costs based on our refund policy, and we have reserved a total budget of 3.000 € for the Hackfest.

If you want to ask for a refund, please

  1. send in the scanned receipts to,

  2. and attach the form at

*Please* ask your bank what to fill in, because for transfers from the US, usually some special bank data is required. The European IBAN, BIC, SWIFT stuff is *not* sufficient in many cases.

Should you not be able to manage this before Christmas, please at least let us know the sum you want to have refunded, and send in the receipts later on. I'd like to get at least some overview on the needed budget, even if payments might take place not before January.

Don't be shy - the Hackfest is one of our most important events through the year, and TDF is happy to refund those who have no other sponsor. :wink: