[REMINDER] about the 2023 TDF Board of Directors Election

Dear Members,

The voting phase for the new Board of Directors is ending soon.
Let me remind you of some information and deadlines as already shared in my previous message[0].

The subject of the message sent on Wednesday, December 13th 2023 with the token for voting was:

Your Document Foundation 2023 Board Elections Voting Token

from the sender:


If you are a TDF Member and you didn’t get the message, please, check your inbox and the spam folder too! :wink:

In case you didn’t find the message, please, reach out to us as soon as possible at


According to the announcement[0], this is the relevant timeline for voting:

  • Saturday, 2023-12-16, 00:00 CET/UTC+1: official start of the election
  • Thursday, 2023-12-28, 24:00 CET/UTC+1: end of the election

You still have time to cast your vote but please, don’t wait until the last minute!

For what concerns our voting system, the foundation adopted the STV voting system with the Meek method.
Please realize that it tries to optimize to make your first choice most likely to be on the board, with subsequent choices being much less probable (unless your earlier choices are very popular). As such the order of your choices really is important.

For more details please read also the page on Wikipedia[1].

You can find more information on this election directly from the election website[2] that includes also the list of candidates with their affiliations and candidacy statements[3].

On behalf of the Membership Committee,
Marina Latini

[0] Announcing the 2023 TDF Board of Directors Election
[1] Single transferable vote - Wikipedia
[2] The Document Foundation 2023 Board of Directors Election
[3] The Document Foundation 2023 Board of Directors Election Candidates