REMIND: Documentation team call is THURSDAY at 18:00 UTC

Hi Documentation Team (Guides, Help contents) !

Our documentation team meeting will take place THURSDAY at 18:00 UTC

We will use the following jitsi meeting room

The meeting room is supposed to work will all browsers without the need
of a specific plugin. You can use a mobile app in your Android or Iphone.

The documentation pad for the meeting minute is

Main topics:

+ Welcome to new volunteers
   + What is the documentation team

Next steps for LibreOffice 7.4
   + Covers
   + folders
   + coordinators
   + deadlines

See you later!

Hello Olivier

Cannot attend because the timing is wrong for me, but would like to raise one point.

Bug 135501 about changing the default UI is interesting and would like to know what the other members of the Documentation Team think about changing the default UI.
To me the Standard UI is good to use.
In my opinion, what is being proposed does is not a good step forward.
Also, there are several spelling errors in dialogs, menus and toolbars that should be fixed first before there is a change of default UI.

Peter Schofield
Technical Writer, LO Documentation Team