Re: [tdf-internal] ESC meeting minutes: 2024-04-04

Hi Eyal,

Shame on the BoD - current and previous - for carrying out the entire
hiring process for a RTL/CTL/CJK develop while completely shutting out

I've no real insight into the process and was not involved, but I've 

interviewed and hired a very large set of developers. That is a
thankless, and really tricky thing - saying ‘no’ to many hopeful
applicants while selecting one is just really hard.

So from my perspective a big thank-you is due to everyone who did the 

tough job of coming up with a decision here - both staff and board -
rock on ! =)

To me it was never entirely clear what you hoped to gain by trying to 

insert tens more people into that process ? Was there some specific
thing that could be improved in the job spec. Surely that could have
been included.

My vague recollection was that Khaled was involved in interviewing 

which if correct would be awesome and anchor the process in a place of
raw competence :slight_smile:

Getting the right mix of skills into the project to work on a topic 

like this is an extremely tricky job, that needs to be done fairly,
while keeping lots of information confidential, and needs to be done at
pace - otherwise people are not on the market by the time you make the

I would suggest that the best approach is to celebrate having someone 

in post again for this role, to welcome Jonathan, to support getting him
up-to-speed, and to adopt a winsome approach to helping out making his
life as easy and effective as possible. I would also want to encourage
all those who were involved in “doing something”, and then if absolutely
necessary frame any constructive suggestions for how to improve hiring
in the future in a more friendly way.

For my part - welcome Jonathan ! :-) looking forward to seeing the 

impact you’ll make :slight_smile: