Quick Question- I need help with starting

I’m sorry if this sounds extremely basic…

As a new member, I do not understand these instructions for new volunteers/members:

"Follow the changes introduced in the software since the latest edition of the Guide and update to the newest edition:

  • test the features or changes found in the release notes,
  • locate the pertinent chapter and write about the feature"

How do I do these things? What would be my first step?

Thankyou so much. I’ve been trying to figure it out, but maybe I’m just missing something?

HI @PureRose

You did well reading the wiki page but it may need an update.

I’m on travel and I’ll be available only next week.

I can set a live meeting with you on Wednesday 14 at 15:00 UTC or Friday 16 at 15:00 UTC to guide you in collaborating with us.

Let me know what’s best for you.


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Friday the 16th is perfect (at 15:00 UTC).

Where would I go to access the live meeting?



Hello Olivier! Hope you are doing well,

I’m just confirming our meeting today Friday, February 16th 15:00 UTC).

Please let me know where access the live meeting.

Jitsi TDF Doc Team

Hello Olivier,

I am sorry I missed the meeting today.

Connection just cut out. I initially was completely ready for the meeting but ultimately was unable to connect with you. I understand that your very busy and do not have time.

23 days later, maybe you can try a parallel bottom up approach from this (“it’s easy”) example :wink: