Questions about "README for first time reviewers"

Hi there,

Since I was reading the “README for first time reviewers,” I have a question about the README. Because I am using macOS, I have to enter my LibreOffice user data differently. Should we put that info in the README?

Also, the README does not have much information about the status report spreadsheet. Where could I learn more about this type of document?



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Hello Rob

Can you clarify what file is this one? I tried to find it with no success.

Also, if you think the information is not correct please update it.


Well, I am referring to a message on the Documentation → General board called “README for first time reviewers.” Since I didn’t write it, I couldn’t change anything and of course the author has to make changes themselves.

The URL for the message is:

If there is anything else I can do to help in this matter, let me know.


Hi @rthorn999

I think this document is quite old, and has partially been migrated to the wiki, where it has been steadily updated.