Questions about new bookmark features in Writer

@ohallot In Writer 7.5RC1, right-clicking on any bookmark in the Navigator gives a context menu that includes “Bookmark tracking”. What is this supposed to do?
I think I’ve figured out the other new features of bookmarks. Has a Help page been written for the revised Bookmarks dialog? Thanks.

Is this about tracking changes, i.e. tracking changes to bookmarks?


I see a lot of new improvements on bookmarks in the release notes at


PS: note to self: review bookmarks Help pages

@ohallot I saw that info in the release notes, but some of it I do not understand. For example, custom color defined in bookmark metadata - how and where can someone define those colors? Is this a programmer thing, not an end-user thing?

I thought it must be related in some way, but I can’t figure out what’s supposed to happen, or how someone uses the feature. When I track changes, any edits to the text surrounded by a bookmark is tracked, but that seems unrelated to the “Bookmark tracking” context menu item. Perhaps it’s a toggle that isn’t working for me?

I still need more help understanding the changes to bookmarks.
In addition to my questions earlier in this thread, can someone tell me if, now that bookmarks have so many features in common with Set References, it is fair to say that Set References are now redundant but still work and are maintained for compatibility with older documents?