Question about form controls in Writer

On the Form menu on the Menu bar in Writer, I see a new item at the bottom of the menu in 7.4: Content Controls, with a submenu. I don’t see anything about this in the release notes or the Help, and I can’t figure out what the purpose is or how these relate to other form controls. Can someone explain, or point me to a blog post or other info? Thanks.

Hi Jean

It’s a new feature that Miklos has implemented and only 2 Help pages are available (and need further work for consistency and completness).

The 7.5 release notes mentions it in

And Miklos blog post has more:


Content controls won’t connect to any data in a database. That are controls, which will be embedded in a Writer document and could be filkled with content there. You could click to embed a picture, choose a value in a listbox …

Hi @jeanweber
I wrote some lines in the Help for Content Controls with a bit more details.


There are some patches in gerrit to define the exact terms used in the menus.

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@ohallot Thank you! Just what I need.