Progress on Writer Guide 6.4

I was over-optimistic about getting all the chapters of the Writer Guide
updated to v6.4 before the end of June, much less getting them all reviewed
at least once by then. I’m finding a lot of problems in some chapters that
can’t be fixed simply by updating; they need reorganisation and/or
rewriting. I’m working on that, but slowly. And I’m well aware that I did
most of the writing on the v6.0 book, so most mistakes and problems are
probably mine, even after reviews.

I’m now looking at a publication date of 10 July for the V6.4 book. I hope
the work I and others are doing on this book will make updating to v7 go
more quickly. If anyone has some rime to update or review chapters for
v6.4, please do.


Hi all,
Just uploaded chapter 5 to the feedback directory.
I spotted some error at line 17, you would see my observation there.

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